Geographic Information System (GIS)

Data Acquisition

Data capture and compilation is very time consuming and costly, up to 80% cost of a GIS project. ASMA offers the best solution for spatial data capture through latest technology using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), LiDAR and Wave Glider for the ocean data collection.

Geodatabase & Spatial Data Management

Centrally located enterprise geodatabases can deliver immediate benefits to both the users and administrator of GIS data: significantly reduced data development and management costs, controlled access to the geodatabase and simplified data maintenance workflows. Our experience with various GIS software formats and GIS systems helps us to adopt the best approach in managing the spatial data.

Web GIS Development

By utilizing the Internet to access information over the web without regard to how far apart the server and client might be from each other, web GIS introduces distinct advantages over traditional desktop GIS by making your services available to others within and outside your organization.
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