Environmental Consultancy

ASMA has a team of experienced environmental consultants who specialize in various environmental fields. ASMA offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services ranging from conducting Environmental Impact Assessement and formulating and implementing Environmental Management Plan as well as Environmental Site Assessement.

Master plans, Blueprint and Feasibility Studies

  • Develop environmental management masterplans and blueprint.
  • Water resources management.
    • River Basin Management Plan
    • River remediation works
    • GIS-based Integrated Environmental Management System
    • Program management services
    • Online flow and pollution detection monitoring network
  • Carry out preliminary and detail feasibility studies for waste management projects.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
    • A study to identify, predict, evaluate and communicate information about the impacts on the environment of a proposed project. EIA is required under Section 34A, Environmental Quality Act 1974.
  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).
    • An investigation work that is used to evaluate and assess the potential for a release of hazardous substances from a site to its surrounding area.
  • Environmental Management System (EMS).
    • Supported by experts in the field. ASMA provides consultancy services to assist companies establish, implement and maintain the environmental management systems (EMS). ASMA offers consultancy services to meet the needs of the growing ISO 14001 market in Malaysia.
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
    • The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) forms part of the conditions for the approval of an EIA.
  • Erosion Sediment Control Plan (ESCP).
    • Preparation of ESCP in line with DOE and DID requirements by certified CPESC consultant.

Project Implementation

  • Application for written approval and licenses.
  • Post EIA & DOE specified monitoring.
  • Environmental Compliance audit.
  • Performance monitoring include special management.
  • Scheduled Waste Management.

Project Closure

  • Environmental due Diligence and Site Assessment.

Environmental Studies

  • Specific environmental studies and assessment.
  • Forest sustainability study.
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