Mobile Monitoring

ASMA has two (2) Mobile CEMS vehicles that were designed and capable to collect emission data from stacks, CEMS equipment evaluation and perform Relative Accuracy Audit (RAA) and Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) as required by DoE.
Our Mobile CEMS are capable to be deployed anywhere and anytime within Peninsular Malaysia and also East Malaysia.

Online Reporting

The implementation of Online reporting is a part of the new requirement by the DOE, specific industries are required to develop, install and operate an online reporting system that will automatically transmit CEMS data to the DOE Data Center on a scheduled basis. The online reporting system, also known as Online-CEMS Reporting System or Data Interface System (DIS) comprises a Data Conversion module that will convert raw CEMS data into a standard data reporting format as stipulated in the corresponding DOE Guideline and a Data Transmission/Communication module that will transmit the data to the DOE database via dial-up modem or internet
ASMA has more than 10 years experience in developing and maintaining online reporting system and is the developer of the DOE Online CEMS Reporting System. We are pleased to offer our expertise in the development and integration of this system with a guarantee of full compliance to the corresponding DOE Guidelines at a very competitive price. Our system also comes with maintenance and upgrade protection options.
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